Weekly Recap – July 26, 2019

Ellyn Davidson 07/25/19 - 11:25 pm

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Email Fail

Forrester Research recently evaluated 100 email campaigns across several industries and all failed. In fact, only six campaigns managed double-digit marks on a scale of -30 to +30. Email marketing remains one of the most cost-efficient marketing tactics, returning an average $40 for every $1 spent. The mightier the email, the greater the performance potential. Even tweaks to subject lines can lift sales. So, Forrester checks in on brands periodically to judge the quality of their email programs based on industry best practices.

+ Four key themes emerged—notability, humanity, shareability and credibility. First off, make it easy and enticing. Only 36 of the 100 email campaigns reviewed included email capture on their company home pages. Subscription best practices collect customer and prospect email addresses through an intuitive, benefits-focused proposal that features prominently on the home page, per Forrester Research. WebMD features two sign-up invitations on its home page, each with links explaining how it will use the data collected.

+ Secondly, don’t be afraid to catch feels. Generic, dull subject lines make it easy for recipients to ignore email. ESPN connects users to sports stars and fans through direct quotes. Fast casual restaurant chain Sweetgreen uses provocative subject lines like “Cozy Up With Our New Seasonal Menu” to inspire opens. Thirdly, encourage content sharing by crafting great copy and easy tools. The Atlantic Daily’s social sharing links live underneath a “share newsletter” heading at the top of the mail, and it even prepopulates sharable bits with headers and website hyperlinks to save users time.

+ Finally, use email footer to establish credibility and trust. Only 13 email footers reviewed complied with email regulations. Follow Subaru Insider’s example to provide a solid footer. It includes a physical address, phone number and website address, an unsubscribe link, the reason for receiving the email, the ability to change user preferences, and a link to the company privacy policy.

Take A Wow

17 wow-worthy social marketing campaigns. Sometimes advertising gets a bad rap. But when great creative advertising minds set out to do good in the world, the results can be truly moving. Social marketing (not to be confused with social media marketing) can make a difference, raise awareness and change minds.

+ 10 years ago, we brought you 21 creative social marketing campaigns that inspired us. In this blog series, we’ll take a look at 17 recent campaigns that wowed us with their innovative approaches to doing good. First up, Burger King Real Meals.

Baby Bump

How are employers supporting soon-to-be parents? Fertility… maternity… paternity… oh my! With 360,000 babies born each day, businesses big and small are considering the benefits they can offer expectant moms and dads. And if they’re not, they should be. After all, incentives like these ones can help retain (and attract) the top talent.

+ For example, in California, where paid parental leave is offered on a state level, 87% of businesses say they’ve had no increased costs as a result. What’s more, 9% said the program actually generated some savings by reducing employee turnover. Most notably, 99% have seen a positive effect (or no noticeable effect) on employee morale.

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