Weekly Recap – October 30, 2015

Ellyn Davidson 10/29/15 - 8:48 pm

Brace yourself trick-or-treaters: The Halloween haul may be more Willy Wonka than Nestle. Consumers aren’t feeling terribly confident, eMarketer reports. So expect to hear a little more boo-hoo than boo come Saturday. But fear not little goblins. By the time Santa starts making that list, shoppers will be ready to charge it! So says the National Retail Federation, predicting an increase in spending this holiday season. Where can we expect to find shoppers? On their smartphones. Even Boomers will opt out of long lines this holiday. What will shoppers do with all the extra time? Apparently, they won’t be watching cable.

DETAILS, please
Are consumers spooked this Halloween? eMarketer notes that 64 percent of US adult Internet users plan to celebrate Halloween this year however, nearly 79 percent of those surveyed said they would spend less money overall. What does this mean for retail?

This holiday season is not only going to be merry and bright, but digital too. Whether consumers will buy online to pick up in store or buy one get two for me, consumers will utilize digital in some capacity this holiday season. Is your retail marketing strategy primed for digital?

When it comes to mobile device adoption, there are key differences amongst Baby Boomers. eMarketer is breaking down just how Baby Boomers make purchasing decisions online and on mobile.

Is it time to cut the cord? While 300,000 Americans dropped cable service last quarter, analysts are calling it good news for providers because the number was just half the amount lost in the second quarter, according to Bloomberg estimates.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH
Lots of topics caught our attention this week— from inspirational food brands and bloggers on Instagram to confessions of Millennial binge watchers, and things you’ll find around an Agency office. Where to begin?

You know you work in advertising when you can relate to these 6 things. If you work in the advertising industry, you might think no one else understands what you do every day. Does anyone spend hours scrolling through stock photography sites or social media channels as a part of their job description? Are there others who celebrate the same things as you—like engagement, clicks, views and listens?

7 inspiring food brands and bloggers on Instagram. It’s on everyone’s minds and the subject of daily conversation. What’s for dinner? What are you eating? What’s for dessert? May I have the recipe? Are there doughnuts in the kitchen? As if our food frenzy wasn’t already enough, Instagram has taken our obsession with food to a beautiful new level.

11 reasons Millennials love binge watching TV shows. Binge watching has become the new normal. A recent TiVo survey showed an overwhelming nine out of 10 people self-identify as binge watchers, with Millennials spending the most amount of time in front of their screens. Why has binge watching become so popular amongst this generation?

THE topic of conversation
Everybody’s talking about Millennials. You can too. Download our free whitepaper “8 Rules to Marketing to Millennials.

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