Weekly Recap – May 11, 2018

Ellyn Davidson 05/10/18 - 8:31 pm

Microsoft is testing tech to bring offices the ultimate meeting assistant. Need a volunteer to take minutes? Fuhgetaboutit. Now if developers could only teach AI to keep meetings on task. Retailers are trimming sales staff to win more sales. I know, right? Meanwhile, plucky online merchants are innovating all the way to your door.


Microsoft’s vision for the future of meetings is slightly terrifying. During a demo onstage at its Build developers’ conference, the company showed off a prototype device that combines computer vision and AI tools to become a kind of ultimate meeting assistant that can track literally everything you say.

Retailers must invest in their workers – their survival depends on it. Brick and mortar are struggling to keep pace with online competitors. But instead of leaning into their key differentiator, they’re laying them off—in droves.

How innovating the post-purchase experience can keep consumers coming back. Whether it’s copying and pasting a dreadfully long tracking code or being prompted to log in using an often faulty link, the experience following the shipment of a purchase can be tedious. See how you can improve this process.

Meanwhile, back at the RANCH

4 key takeaways from the MSHPM conference. Aka (/mish pim/) or Michigan Society for Healthcare Planning and Marketing, which is of course, the Michigan counterpart to SHSMD, aka (/shish med/), or Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development. It’s taken me a couple decades to get that right!

6 insights marketers should know from Iconosphere 2018. “Be brave in this new world,” proposed Kate Muhl, CEB Iconoculture’s Principal Advisor to a room full of brand strategists and advertisers. This quickly became the theme for the Iconosphere 2018 conference that dove deep into consumer and generational insights as well as trends spanning across different verticals.

THE Topic of conversation

Authenticity. Discover which brands are getting real and how to market authenticity across genders, generations and ethnic groups. Download our free whitepaper “3 Rules to Creating an Authentic Brand.”


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