Weekly Recap – January 22, 2016

Ellyn Davidson 01/21/16 - 6:02 pm

weekly recap

Fact: Eighty-two percent of smartphone users consult their devices when shopping at a store. Mobile also wins the most likely to be clicked award for search. What’s next? Social Media Times has some ideas. Attention community managers: It’s time to upgrade your toolbox.  Facebook will soon be offering new ways to upload images to the platform. Want to share your brand story on Instagram? Bring a budget.  It’s officially graduated to the pay-to-play social media table.

DETAILS, please
These are the mobile commerce trends you need to watch in 2016. If 2015 was the year of mobile and video, what will 2016 hold? Now that most social platforms and many of the companies doing business on them are thinking mobile-first, let’s take a look at what this year has in store.

Search stays strong as mobile accounts for most clicks. Display ad spending may be about to outpace search this year in the US, but in many markets, search is still in the lead—and expected to stay there. And according to 2015 research, marketers around the world are planning to increase search spending this year.

New photo upload options for Facebook page admins. Facebook page administrators may soon have a variety of ways to upload photos to their pages. Here’s what’s new.

Instagram is now a pay-to-play platform (study). Instagram has gone from one of the most “viral” social networks to a pay-to-play platform during the year. That was the conclusion reached by social analytics and reporting firm Locowise in its 2015 year in review.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH
What’s it take to be an authentic brand? Why should your business care? Look in your inbox or for our latest whitepaper “Let’s get real: 3 rules to creating an authentic brand.” But first, let’s talk about Millennials and their money.

What marketers need to know about Millennials and their money. It’s no secret that marketers want to tap into the $1.99 trillion spending power that the Millennial audience yields. Yet, it’s not all big spending for this cohort. Here’s why.

THE topic of conversation
Everybody’s talking about Millennials. You can too. Download our free whitepaper “8 Rules to Marketing to Millennials.”

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