Weekly Recap – August 12, 2016

Ellyn Davidson 08/11/16 - 3:56 pm

Where do you go to get inspiration? Or an idea of the current trends? According to Social Times, there is no better tool that social media for content creators. In fact, nearly 40 percent of respondents bought a product because an influencer on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Vine or YouTube) recommended it, while 20 percent said they shared something that caught their eye on these platforms. But social media is just one component. According to Adweek, offline conversations are still the best driver of sales. And there may even be a way for your brand to talk about the Olympics still. See here.    

DETAILS, please

How Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are reinventing niche marketing. People used to peek in store windows or flip through catalogs to get an idea of the current trends, but thanks to social media, that dynamic is changing.

Infographic: offline conversation is still the best driver of brand awareness. When it comes to brand awareness offline convo is just as important as online convo. See why.

10 ways brands are talking about the Olympics without saying “Olympics.” Not an official sponsor? Here are 10 clever ways brands are talking about the Olympics. 

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

We’re taking a look at the health and fitness trends sweeping across social media platforms. See for yourself.

5 reasons why health and fitness is trending in social media. From acai bowls to posting a picture of new sneaks, consumers are turning to social for inspiration, motivation and information. See here.

THE Topic of conversation

Authenticity. Discover which brands are getting real and how to market authenticity across genders, generations and ethnic groups. Download our free whitepaper “3 Rules to Creating an Authentic Brand.”


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