Weekly Recap – April 27, 2018

Ellyn Davidson 04/26/18 - 8:12 pm

Not all e-waste recycling is created equal. As we give brands greater access to our data and wallets, we expect more from these relationships. Speaking of personal data, there’s a reason for the flare-up of terms of service update emails on our phones. Communication breakdowns can take a toll on your company. How do you make sure diverse communication styles work for your bottom line rather than against it?


E-waste recycling guide: How to get rid of computer parts, old phones. It might be easier to throw old electronics into a junk drawer than it is to figure out how to get rid of them. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In order to protect yourself, and the planet, here’s what you need to know about recycling your e-waste.

How these 3 brands are taking loyalty beyond points. Dollar Shave Club, Patagonia and Sephora are doing it right. These brands are rethinking loyalty from their customers’ point of view.

Here’s why you’re getting all those terms of service update emails. Get the feeling you’re suddenly being bombarded with emails from companies about updated terms of service policies? You are. And there’s a good reason.

4 ways to combat workplace communication breakdowns. Spend a day in any office, and you’ll quickly observe the multitude of different communication styles present in the workplace. Check out how you can avoid the impact these differences can have on the workplace.

Meanwhile, back at the RANCH

Healthcare Checkup – April 2018. Uber Health and Apple Health Records are easing the way for patients, while cryptocurrencies and Weight Watchers are making critics nervous. But no nerves for Zuckerberg, whose calm and cool vibe earned high crisis PR ratings.

THE Topic of conversation

Millennials. Discover who Millennials are, why it’s important to market to them, and how you can increase brand loyalty and engagement. Download our free whitepaper “8 Rules of Marketing to Millennials.”


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