I spent two months with an AI Chatbot. Here’s where it was useful… and where it fell flat.

Abigail McGrath 04/27/23 - 10:01 am

What once felt like technology of the future is now here. Advancements with AI have made it harder to decipher between human- and bot-generated content. Whether it’s a blog post, a coded website, math homework, a photo of nature, a social post or a recipe, we’re now left wondering: Who created this?

At Brogan & Partners, we strive to stay ahead of the curve so we can implement new technology for our team and clients. We heard the chatter around ChatGPT, Jasper, Google Bard and other AI Chatbot technology. So our team dove in.

After two months of learning and leveraging the tools, see where we found it useful (and where it fell flat).

AI Chatbots are great…

For thought starters. We all know the crippling feeling of writer’s block and the amount of time that can be wasted waiting for inspiration to strike. While AI Chatbots can’t always be trusted for full-scale content, they can be trusted for a spark. The next time you’re stuck, try plugging your predicament into AI. Seeing that different intro sentence or a unique turn of phrase can be exactly what you need to forge ahead.

For their unique tools. Jasper, a useful AI Chatbot for businesses, boasts a suite of tools to help when writing content. Things like explain it to a child, re-phrase, proofreading plugins and plagiarism tools can offer a hand for different projects and tasks.

To free up time for human work. I read a comparison for AI that has stuck with me: Think of the invention of AI like the invention of the calculator. At its inception, people assumed the calculator would replace the need for math classes in curriculum. Obviously, it’s far from the truth. The calculator was a revolutionary invention that today, frees people up to do more human work, while it handles the computer work. AI Chatbots are much the same. We can use them as tools to manage mundane work. And in turn, have more time to explore creative, human thinking.  

AI Chatbots are lacking…

Cohesion. The longer the content you ask a chatbot to write, the more off-topic or incoherent the output can be. Between the run-on sentences, repetition and occasional gibberish, AI chatbots need a dose of editing and hand holding. One Chatbot described this phenomenon as the bot “getting tired.” Another as “getting lost.” Make it a practice of proofreading every piece of AI-generated content with a fine-tooth comb.

Accuracy. AI Chatbots were designed to sound human, and occasionally, factual accuracy can take a back seat. When using the technology, cross-check facts, figures and statements with other reputable sources. Don’t take any output as the truth without performing your own research first. You’d be surprised how accurate an inaccurate statement can sound. In fact, see what it wrote about our agency.

Current knowledge. By nature, chatbots are limited in their knowledge of current events. Jasper completed its training 2019, and ChatGPT completed its training in 2021. While the tools can understand or write about current events with the help of your input, they won’t know what happened last week or even last year without your help. When trying to write up-to-date content, this knowledge barrier can be a setback.

Conceptual thinking. As more individuals and businesses utilize AI technology, more content will flood the market. And in many ways, this content will become similar and oversaturated. That’s where brands and agencies with experienced human talent will stand out. An AI Chatbot will not be able to match the conceptual, strategic thinking a creative team can bring. Much like the calculator, the tools can help with simple problems, but aren’t reliable as entire solutions. Human creativity is still > machines.

AI Chatbots are here to stay. That’s why learning to work with them (and where they simply don’t work) is a priority for our team. Two months in, I’d describe my relationship with AI somewhere between “it’s complicated” and “intrigued.” I’m excited to see where it takes us next and hope you’ll join on the journey. Stay tuned for all things AI on our Brogan blog.

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