We asked an AI platform to write a blog post about Brogan & Partners.

Kaitlynn Crane 02/27/23 - 8:30 am

We asked an AI platform to write a blog post about Brogan & Partners.

About a month ago, Ryan Reynolds shared a new spot for his wireless company, written entirely by ChatGPT, which is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). He asked the bot to write a commercial for Mint Mobile in his voice, use a joke and a curse word, and let people know that Mint’s holiday promo was still going, even after the big wireless companies had ended theirs. The result? Reynolds called it mildly terrifying, but compelling, and he ultimately used it as the company’s creative campaign.

As someone who’s in the advertising industry (and someone who’s understandably obsessed with Ryan Reynolds), I was intrigued. Intrigued enough to try it myself. With that, I asked a generative AI platform to write a blog post about Brogan & Partners, in a professional tone of voice, intended for marketing managers. And to my surprise, it delivered in seconds.

Discover Brogan & Partners, the Detroit-Based Digital Agency

Are you a marketing manager searching for a reliable digital agency to help with your brand’s online presence? Look no further than Brogan & Partners, the award-winning Detroit-based digital agency. Let’s take a look at why they are the perfect choice for your company.

What makes Brogan & Partners stand out?

Brogan & Partners specializes in integrated solutions that bridge both traditional and digital media. Whether you need assistance with video production, website design and development, content creation, or social media strategy, their team has you covered. In addition to their full-service capabilities, they also have expertise in experiential activations, public relations and strategic planning. The team at Brogan & Partners is comprised of experienced professionals who bring creativity and innovation to every project they work on.

How do they measure success?

At Brogan & Partners, success revolves around creating meaningful connections between brands and consumers. They measure success by tracking metrics such as engagement rates, website traffic, conversions and ROI on all campaigns. Their team is always looking for ways to optimize campaigns and maximize results for clients. They understand that each client is unique and will customize solutions based on objectives and budget requirements.

What types of clients do they work with?

Brogan & Partners has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Chevrolet, Ford Motor Company, Bose Corporation and many others. In addition to working with global companies, they also partner with local businesses to help them reach their goals through innovative strategies tailored specifically to their needs. No matter what type of business you have or how big it is—Brogan & Partners can help!

If you’re looking for an experienced digital agency that can create impactful campaigns while delivering results—look no further than Brogan & Partners in Detroit! Their award-winning team has a proven track record of creating meaningful connections between brands and consumers through cutting edge solutions tailored specifically to each client’s objectives and budget requirements. Contact them today so you can start building your own successful campaigns!

Now, would I post as is, if not for the purpose of this experiment? Probably not. As a writer, I know it needs a healthy infusion of our brand voice. I’d want it to illicit a stronger emotional connection. I’d eliminate the exclamation points and wouldn’t end sentences with prepositions. And of course, I’d give it a good old-fashioned fact check. (Apparently AI doesn’t know we haven’t worked with Chevrolet since the 80s… and although we did promotional materials for the launch of Ford Field and we worked with Henry Ford Health for years, we’ve never actually worked with Ford itself.) But overall, I agree with Ryan Reynolds. Mildly terrifying… but compelling.

Where we stand on AI

At Brogan, we believe the work we do for our clients will always benefit from true creativity, which can only come from a human touch. However, we know AI has the power to increase our productivity, as it’s projected to automate many mundane and repetitive tasks… incredibly fast. Aside from content creation, it can be used to reply to consumer reviews, search for stock photos, expand upon a short sentence, rephrase text to make it easier to understand, offer support with SEO and so. much. more. All of which could help free up our team to work on the big ideas you need. Compelling, indeed.

Why Brogan?

We are true partners. With a proven track record of delivering strategic marketing expertise, award-winning creative and real-time, data-driven media, we go above and beyond for our clients to get results. We even guarantee you’ll be delighted.