Healthcare Checkup – May 2018

Julia Mastropaolo 05/30/18 - 5:17 pm

So many conferences, so little time? Get our key takeaways from three healthcare and marketing conferences we attended this month, and highlights from the AHA Annual Meeting. Plus barbershop medicine and tax preparation in waiting rooms – two innovative examples of meeting and helping patients where they are.


Key takeaways from the Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit. A few of our favorite tips from this content-filled conference.

4 key takeaways from the MSHPM conference. That’s Michigan Society for Healthcare Planning and Marketing, of course!

Shave and a hypertension check? How barbers can help lower blood pressure. Researchers go the nontraditional route, outside of doc offices and pharmacies, and into barbershops to help at risk men to lower blood pressure.


5 insights marketers should know from Iconosphere 2018. “Be brave in this new world,” was the theme for this conference, addressing consumer disconnection, Google as our god, and experiential marketing to name a few.

Click-surfing helps marketers turn ZZZs into dollars. What is click-surfing? How can you best connect with the nocturnal insomniac crowd as they learn the art of domino falling or cake-decorating?


Pollack Pledges AHA Support, Resources as Hospitals and Health Systems Redefine the ‘H’. Healthcare is facing a period of unprecedented transformation as new entrants seek to disrupt the field and reduce friction for patients.

US doctors are offering free tax preparation for low-income families right in the waiting room. Founded by two Boston-based doctors, StreetCred has helped 750 underprivileged families in Boston get back $1.6 million in earned income credits since 2016.


For more inspiration, read “4 healthcare innovations for improved access.

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