Healthcare Checkup – April 2016

Julia Mastropaolo 04/06/16 - 1:31 pm

Did you find your match? No, not a love interest–your residency match. March marked the month in which medical students nationwide found out where they will be completing their residency. But, no matter where they land, one thing is crucial. While the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment may vary, there is one ingredient to every great campaign (and doctor) that never changes. Empathy. Next on the examination table: the use of animation in pharmaceutical ads. Could Mr. Mucus be gone for good? Let’s take a look.

VITAMIN B&P. or The Match? March is all about matching. Medical students await the long anticipated news of where they will complete their residency. What might your resident doctor be like if you happen to find yourself in an academic medical center in the coming years?

Patient Experience Dept. RX: Empathy Specialist Consult. As healthcare marketers, we are the hospitals’ Empathy Specialists, delving deep inside the crevices of patients’ thoughts, fears, hopes and feelings to emotionally connect with them in a positive, memorable way.

Does using animation in pharma ads trivialize warnings? Animation has been known to increase brand recall and association. But what happens when animation is used in pharmaceutical drug marketing campaigns?


This month’s supplements are all about rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts. First up, user-generated content. Is your brand leveraging UGC? Also, did your Facebook promoted post get declined? Chances are your post copy or image triggered Facebook to sound the alarm. And beware, the FTC is watching and cracking down on businesses and brands that aren’t transparent about their paid promotions.

Rules and regulations: Your guide to user-generated content. Millennials trust user-generated content just as much as professional reviews. How can your brand leverage UGC?

Facebook advertising: Do’s and don’ts. Looking to promote a post on Facebook? Before you do, you may want to consult these do’s and don’ts when it comes to your content and images.

Why the FTC won’t let native advertising be. Is it news or native advertising? The FTC is demanding more transparency from advertisers. What marketers should know.


Interoperability and healthcare cybersecurity (due to the malware infection at Hollywood Presybterian Medical Center) were all the buzz at the HIMSS conference drawing 41,000 healthcare execs. Or was it keynote speaker, Peyton Manning? To balance out all the high tech, the age old high touch of patient navigators can help ease the high tech pain. Take a look.

Highlights from HIMSS 2016. A week full of health IT talk and exciting announcements brought thousands to Las Vegas, Nevada for HIMSS 2016.

Empowering patients with health navigators. The evolution of sophisticated technology has the opportunity to offer many benefits to both care providers and patients, especially when it comes to population health.


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