Creative social marketing example #20: United Nations Campaign.

Laurie Hix 01/06/10 - 12:00 pm

Sometimes creative not only breaks through the clutter but breaks new ground in what is possible. It’s pretty mind-blowing to imagine a poster campaign that talks. This is truly interactive at it’s best. The UN Voices Project combines cutting edge mobile phone and image recognition technologies.  The campaign is used to put out the message of those who would otherwise go unheard.  People around Sydney were encouraged to take a mobile phone photo of the persons mouth and sent it as a picture text to the number on the poster.  The sender then receives a return phone call with a pre-recorded message from the person they have photographed.  The call to action is embedded in the phone message where people are then encouraged to leave their own comments through the UN website. I applaud the creatives that came up with this idea and the technologists that made it happen.  It is inspires the rest of us to push ourselves to create new ways of communicating our messages. Have you seen any other groundbreaking examples of creative that re-invent the way we engage? Please share if you do!

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