Creative social marketing example #13: Parkinsons Society Canada.

Laurie Hix 10/28/09 - 11:00 am

Aging gets under my skin. Already, at just over 40, my knees creak, my hands get stiff, and I have glimpses of how my body will betray me. Or maybe I have betrayed it.  In any case, I cannot imagine how painful it would be to experience the kind of physical betrayal that comes with Parkinsons Disease. One of my best friend’s dad had it. It was painful for her to watch Parkinsons steal him bit by bit away from her. Most of us take for granted that if we want something like a pen, we reach for it and get it. We can’t understand a degenerative disease that makes simple tasks like this so extremely difficult, one that interrupts the circuits between our brains and our bodies.  This awareness campaign for the Parkinsons Society of Canada does an excellent job of visualizing for us what happens when a body betrays it’s owner with this disease.


At Brogan, creative healthcare advertising is one of our strengths. Have you seen this cancer spot we made for St. John Health System? Not only is it award-winning, but it also saved our very own managing partner, Ellyn’s life.

This blog post is #13 in the series, 21 creative social marketing examples.


2 thoughts on “Creative social marketing example #13: Parkinsons Society Canada.”

  1. Wow, that spot is startling
    Wow, that spot is startling and certainly effective in making me feel something deep down in my gutt. Especially since I’m the one with the dad who had it. It appears their sole objective was to create awareness of Parkinsons. But it left me feeling despair instead of hope. I would have liked for the spot to convey more in terms of what the Society does to HELP people COPE with Parkinsons. Through volunteering with the Michigan Parkinsons Foundation, I learned of all the great support groups, programs, education they provide to help.
    Maybe that’s their next spot!

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