Weekly Recap – September 16, 2016

Ellyn Davidson 09/15/16 - 6:58 pm

Lights. Camera. Tap “play?” That’s right, brands are flocking to mobile video. Why? Because of its ability to increase brand awareness, reach more targeted audiences and increase favorability of the brand. And with the new iOS update, brands even want to appear in your iMessages. But what do consumers really think about all this new technology? eMarketer, Digiday and Social Times are weighing in.   

DETAILS, please

Why more advertisers are turning to mobile video. Why are advertisers embracing the format? And what challenges remain to be solved before mobile video sees wider adoption?

With Apple’s new iMessage store, brands from Burger King to Betty Boop want in on your texts. Apple will be opening a dedicated app store for iMessage, its messaging service. And brands smell opportunity.

What do consumers thing about new digital technologies? With increased reliance on the internet, marketers are catering to internet-first and, in some cases, mobile-only audiences. But what do consumers think of the technologies, such as wearables, virtual reality and live video,  that could define the near future?

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

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