Weekly Recap – October 7, 2016

Ellyn Davidson 10/06/16 - 1:23 pm

This week’s headlines are all about how-to’s, how-do’s and how-will’s. Is your brand’s content marketing and SEO strategy working together? Is your brand leveraging Instagram Stories? And are you preparing for Black Friday shoppers? Too soon? Well, Search Engine Journal, Social Times and eMarketer have everything your brand should know to be prepared. Take a look.

DETAILS, please

How content marketing and SEO should work together. Brand content tends to be created with either SEO or reputation/brand-enhancement in mind, but rarely with both, as if they were mutually exclusive.

How Instagram Stories can help your brand gain relevance. While Instagram Stories present significant opportunities, a question still remains about how to use the tool to improve brand relevance. Here are six pointers to get you started.

How will consumers shop over Thanksgiving weekend? Online shopping on Black Friday is now more traditional than shopping in-store. What does this mean for your brand?

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

Tech shame or celebrate? Marketing to the smartphone gen. With the increase in smartphone owners, comes the increase in time spent on mobile. But is this an addiction or a media habit? Four brands are weighing in.

THE Topic of conversation

Instagram. Learn how your business can use Instagram to build brand awareness and increase engagement. Download our free whitepaper “Why your business should be marketing on Instagram.


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