Weekly Recap – October 14, 2016

Ellyn Davidson 10/13/16 - 7:31 pm

Are your loyal customers really that loyal? Did Facebook just release new ad sizes? And what really goes into making the perfect mobile ad? Adweek, Social Times and eMarketer are diving in, and so are we. Take a look.   

DETAILS, please

Just how loyal are your loyal customers? Adweek is taking a look at the whole wallet view and investigating truly loyal customers.

Facebook adds new sizes for instant articles. The platform announced several new advertising options for Instant Articles: support for new and custom ad sizes, as well as video and carousel ads.

What makes the perfect mobile ad? When asked, Millennials’ and teens’ responses were a bit surprising.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

Talk about breakthrough healthcare marketing. From Dr. McDreamy to Turk, see how Cigna is pulling all the TV doctors together for a powerful healthcare message. 

THE Topic of conversation

Does your hospital marketing budget have you down? Download our free guide, “How to market your hospital on a tight budget,” to learn budget efficient marketing strategies.


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