Weekly Recap – October 12, 2015

Ellyn Davidson 10/16/15 - 12:31 pm

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Instagram invited brands to advertise in June. But plastering your pitch all over the popular channel may not be the best way to win favor with Instagram zealots, Adweek warns. Speaking of social, Forbes points a finger at big brand blunders, illustrating risks associated with real time marketing. Not sure how you feel about that? Try an emoji, like eMarketer.

DETAILS, please
After introducing the “buy” button back in June, Instagram has become a playground for brands to advertise. Adweek notes that users are extremely passionate about the platform and that if not careful brands who assert themselves too forcefully will risk backlash.

Social media marketing has proven to be a rewarding strategy for brands, however one ill-timed post could make or break your business. Forbes recently released an article detailing the top five mistakes brands have made on social media. Of those listed, one mistake was the misinterpretation of a trending hashtag.

Last week, emojis were used to rate advertisements, this week eMarketer reported that 70.4 percent of respondents use emojis to more accurately express what they are thinking, 64.7 percent said it makes it easy for other people to understand them and 49.7 percent noted that emojis help create a more personal connection with the other person. Can emojis do the same for brands?

Meanwhile back at the RANCH
Lots of topics caught our attention this week—from brand extensions and website mumbo jumbo to the Big Game. So we blogged about it, because we’re curious like that.

4 brands marketing around the big game. It’s that time again. The state of Michigan has offically divided into two (very, very) separate groups: those who root for the Michigan Wolverines and those who root for the Michigan State Spartans.

The pros and cons of sub-branding and brand extension. If you’re in marketing, you may have heard the terms sub-branding and brand extension. But what’s the difference?

13 website design terms every marketer should know. Redesigning your website? You have probably picked up some web lingo along the way. Search engine optimization, back end, sitemap, HTML, QA – but what do they all mean? What was once an exciting initiative has turned into a vocabulary.

THE topic of conversation
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