Weekly Recap – November 6, 2015

Ellyn Davidson 11/05/15 - 9:48 pm

Snap. Post. Optimize. Repeat. No this isn’t a Vidal Sassoon advert for shiny locks. But it is the perfect formula for an Instagram ad. How do we know? The Social Media Times #infographic, for starters. Hey, who put that hashtag there? And to pray tell, why? SocialTimes shares 7 tips on when to # and when to play it straight. And if you’re marketing on Twitter, be sure to check your updates. They’ve taken our relationship to a whole new level. If you wish to favorite now, you’ve got to put your heart into it. If this doesn’t build loyalty, may we suggest a points system?

DETAILS, please
Elements of a successful Instagram ad (Infographic). With advertising beginning to surge on Instagram since it was made available to all brands at the end of September, what goes into the creation of a successful Instagram ad?

7 do’s and don’ts for using hashtags. Hashtags have evolved beyond simple online taxonomy and have become a language all their own. Still, the most effective use of the hashtag has become the organization they provide online: tracking and participating in discussions on social media.

Hearts on Twitter. In an effort to make Twitter easier and more rewarding, the platform announced they are changing the star icon for favorites to a heart icon and will be referring to them as likes.   

Rewards, offers keep loyalty program participation going. Loyalty programs can be an effective way for marketers to keep consumers engaged and drive brand loyalty, but if they are not easy to understand—and, more importantly, if they do not offer relevant rewards—then users will simply abandon them, according to August 2015 research.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH
7 creative ways brands can use stop-motion animation. Brands are using creativity to increase engagement with their target audience now more than ever. That’s because great advertising is so much more than just providing information. It’s about making a great impression, creating something visually arresting and getting your message across. And all of this must be done with the assumption that your audience has the attention span of a tired toddler.

Brands get social during the holiday season to boost sales. The holidays are a few weeks away, but brands are already getting a head start on their marketing campaigns for the season. If you’re a brand looking to create an effective campaign for the holidays or need some last-minute inspiration, social media is a great way to engage with customers.

Credit cards making a comeback, Gen X leads the charge. The recession put the big freeze on credit cards. For a time, Capital One even stopped pestering people with its “what’s in your wallet” campaign, likely for fear of response. But now that the economy is improving, credit cards are making a comeback—particularly among Gen Xers.

THE topic of conversation
Social Media. Still. And probably for some time to come. Late to the party? Then you need to read our free whitepaper “The Evolution of Social Media Marketing: 9 trends to know now.” Pronto. Before someone asks you whether you prefer to favorite or retweet. 

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