Weekly Recap – November 27, 2015

Ellyn Davidson 11/26/15 - 8:39 pm

weekly recap

Ready, steady, go. Is your website ready for Black Friday? Last year, $1.5 billion in sales were generated on Black Friday. Want a piece of that? Review Hubspot’s seven quick and dirty tips for getting your online house in order. Shoppers have been preparing for this moment for months, building all kinds of Pinterest boards. They’ll appreciate a little help along the way. May we suggest retargeting? Helpful not hurtful, consumers say. Sixty-one percent of digital shoppers say retargeted ads were helpful for completing their purchases.  

DETAILS, please
Is your website ready for Black Friday? 7 last-minute tips to prepare. Last year, $1.5 billion in sales were generated on Black Friday, a new record for the post-Thanksgiving shopping holiday, according to Comscore. In addition to the impressive growth in sales, IBM stated that 51 percent of all ecommerce browsing was from mobile, and 28 percent of purchases came from mobile devices. Does your website have what it takes to survive Black Friday?

Pinterest users pin holiday content 4 months before Christmas. Pinterest has released new data detailing the increase in activity it sees during the holiday season. For instance, users reportedly begin pinning holiday content up to four months before Christmas, with 71 percent of those pins relating to fashion, home decor, quotes and other products. There are currently 17.7 million holiday gift pins on the platform.

Most digital shoppers see well targeted ads. Targeting often gets a bad rap among digital audiences, who frequently complain it is “creepy” or invasive. But US digital shoppers appear to find at least some targeting helpful, according to June 2015 research.

Tech trend to watch this holiday season: Mobile advertising. The value that mobile brings to advertisers is clear. However, with the holiday season fast approaching, it remains to be seen if the full potential of mobile will be reached during this period of peak spending for advertisers and consumers alike.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH
What’s in your wallet? If you’re like most consumers, there are more than two dozen loyalty cards lingering in there. What’s the allure? We have a few ideas. Heard of slow food? Slow travel? Retailers would like you to meet slow shopping—just in time for Small Business Saturday.

Reward programs are here to stay, and here’s why. It’s official. Reward programs have taken over. To date, 65 percent of marketers have implemented a brand loyalty program—offering customers points, prizes, money and miles for making purchases and engaging in certain experiences… and consumers love it.

4 popular retail store reward programs. Ultimately, retail reward programs make customers feel okay (even good) about their impulse buys, because they’re rewarded for making the purchase. What’s more, these rewards encourage customers to come back to the store—doing more shopping, to get more rewards, to continuously repeat the cycle.

Shutdown and slow shop with me. Now that retailers have managed online commerce, they’re inviting consumers back into the store for an experience called slow shopping.

THE topic of conversation
Instagram. With an audience of 400 million, it’s no wonder brands are flocking to the medium. You’ll discover that every brand story can be shared in pictures. Are you ready to dive in? Read our free whitepaper “Why Your Business Should be Marketing on Instagram.”

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