Weekly Recap – November 13, 2015

Ellyn Davidson 11/12/15 - 9:33 pm

weekly recap

Not sure how to describe that frock you found on the net? Pinterest is on it. Its new search tool lets you search and purchase by image. Is it a Sabrina or Sweetheart neckline? No matter. Pic, search Pins and purchase. Meanwhile, Instragram is ramping up its virtual mall, adding a “shop now” button and blowing out its ad formats. If you’re ready to advertise, Social Media Times has the complete guide to promoting on Instagram. Just make sure your “house” is ready for visitors, Hubspot suggests. Not sure? Check this list of 12 critical elements every homepage should include. If you don’t care, mom surely does—especially Millennial mom. She carries a mobile phone and isn’t afraid to use it.   

DETAILS, please
Pinterest becomes a ‘discovery engine’ through visual search. On Monday, Pinterest began offering a feature that lets users search its site without using text. Want to copy a look you find on the web? Take a snip and search on Pinterest for similar styles from its gallery of pins.

The complete guide to advertising on Instagram (infographic). Instagram is becoming a more powerful advertising platform, as more and more companies gain access to the channel. Salesforce, recently honored as an Instagram Partner, illustrated the specs to success in a snazzy infographic. Break it down for us, SF.

12 critical elements every website homepage must have (infographic). If you’re considering a website redesign, it’s a good idea to start with the homepage. (That is after you’ve developed your business case.) Is it primed for visitors? More importantly, for prospects?

Millennial moms get it done with mobile. Millennial moms in the US are digitally savvy. You want a piece of this purse? Make it digital. This cohort is more likely to go mobile to research, read reviews and ultimately buy, and also feels comfortable making purchases online without having to see items first in person.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH
A lot has been brewing this week–from Starbucks’ holiday cups to the latest in graphic design lingo and all kinds of Instragram inspiration. Dive in.

Starbucks’ holiday cup: the skinny, the grande and the ugly. Color. Caffeine. Controversy. Something about this traditional holiday promotion has one consumer group seeing red. What could possibly be causing Donald Trump, Candace Cameron Bure and countless others to weigh in on a coffee cup?

18 graphic design terms every marketer should know.  Ever wondered how brands determine color palettes? Or how brand standards are developed and executed? If you’re in marketing, you need to understand the language—at least the basics.

6 Inspiring design accounts to follow on Instagram. At Brogan & Partners, we like to think creatively. Here are six design accounts on Instagram that will leave you feeling inspired.

THE topic of conversation
Social Media. Still. And probably for some time to come. Late to the party? Then you need to read our free whitepaper “The Evolution of Social Media Marketing: 9 trends to know now.” Pronto. Before someone asks you whether you prefer to favorite or retweet. 

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