Weekly Recap – June 9, 2017

Ellyn Davidson 06/08/17 - 8:40 pm

Can you blog with the big dogs? Is your content cutting it? Maybe your headlines are holding you back. Or your CTA is b-a-d. HubSpot has some ideas. Video! That’s what we thought. If you’re thinking of taking your social pages there, pro tips are a good place to start. Competitors creeping on your prospects with paid search? Learn how to stand your ground. Like Facebook.


The anatomy of a perfect blog post. Even though we all are crunched for time, spouting off a mediocre blog post for the sake of hitting a deadline isn’t worth it.

How to easily create professional-looking videos for 4 popular social media platforms. Video is dominating social media marketing. In fact, experts predict video will account for 80% of global internet traffic by 2019. So now is the best time to master the medium.

How to deal with competitors targeting your brand terms. When it comes to branded bidding wars on Google paid search, things can turn real nasty.

Facebook advertising 2017: Five factors that could rein in future growth. Since 2012, News Feed ads have been the center of Facebook’s business. But the number of ads the company can show there is approaching its upper limit.

Meanwhile, back at the RANCH

To snap or not to snap: the pros and cons of Snapchat. Is Snapchat right for you? Consider the pros and cons.

What you need to know about voice activated search and SEO. Just when you thought you had the whole SEO thing down, the internet shifts to voice activation search.

Healthcare Checkup – June 2017. How can healthcare providers tap into the safety Millennials so crave?

Healthcare marketing: Making privacy a priority for patients. Today, is the age of Facebook and Fitbits. Tracking and tweeting. But yet, when it comes to healthcare, patients still want privacy – but on their own terms.

THE Topic of conversation

Millennials – Millennials. Discover who Millennials are, why it’s important to market to them, and how you can increase brand loyalty and engagement. Download our free whitepaper “8 Rules of Marketing to Millennials.”


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