Weekly Recap – June 28, 2019

Ellyn Davidson 06/27/19 - 10:22 pm

Man holding binoculars that have Facebook’s logo on the lenses.

Post Clear?

Facebook can’t clear its history of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but users may soon be able to clear theirs. The social media giant plans to launch a new tool for managing off-Facebook activity—more widely known as the “Clear History” tool—in the coming months. The tool will let users control the information that the platform collects outside of Facebook. The company said that disconnecting this off-Facebook activity will make it more challenging for advertisers to use Facebook’s business tools to reach customers (emarketer.com, 29 May 2019).

+ The Clear History tool is the latest management feature Facebook has launched following the Cambridge fallout. Facebook expects the tool will be a positive experience for users, offering them greater transparency and control over their information. Meanwhile advertisers are bracing for more restrictions that diminish the platform’s ability to precision target.

4 Things About Z

Gen Z is coming of age and ready to shake up retail. It’s worth getting to know the post Millennial generation. For starters, they spend about $143 billion a year, per a Barkley report. They’re wired, buy online but also in stores. Yes, the internet isn’t always the best place to reach them.

+ They’ve Got To Have Amazon. A recent CPC Strategy survey found that 64.3% of 18- to 24-year-old females polled said they’d bought clothing on Amazon in the last six months. Because free and fast shipping. But they prefer to buy in-store (National Retail Federation, November 2018). They love Insta and Snapchat but YouTube is where they watch their favorite stars (Pew Research, 2018). Despite their digital ways, the internet isn’t where advertisers will find them (2018 EMI Research Solutions Survey). 41% of 13- 18-year-old polled said they felt overwhelmed by online notifications.

More For Mobile

Mobile video ad spending in the U.S. will climb to nearly $16 billion in 2019. So predicts emarketer.com (7 January 2019). BTW, that’s more than all traditional media ad spending combined, BTW. It’s easy to understand the appeal given increasing mobile user dependence. Marketers who are diverting budgets from TV to mobile are also enjoying experimenting on the platform while torturing creative departments by briefing in 6-second videos, vertical formats and engagement tools that give users more control.

+ And rewards. Mobile is a popular channel for rewarded video ads. What’s that? A rewarded video ad, or value exchange ad, gives the viewer some type of reward when they’ve completed a video. Gaming apps are the most prevalent channel for rewarded video ads. Users are given a gaming asset—an additional life or power token, for example—just for powering though a video ad. Other awards are being concocted on the regular, like complementary streaming content and retail discounts.


A healthcare marketer’s patient experience. Patient experience. Two words we hear a lot about as healthcare marketers yet may have very little personal experience with. Until we, or someone we love, becomes the patient. I’ve spent a lot of time in a lot of hospitals over my career, mostly strategizing with clients about how to create and maximize a positive image.

+ These past few weeks in the hospital have been a little different. And more than a little enlightening. I was thrust into the position of “adult daughter healthcare decisionmaker”, visiting my mother who has been thrust into the unfortunate position of “stroke survivor”. Things are more than a little amiss. Emotions are high.

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