Weekly Recap – June 15, 2018

Ellyn Davidson 06/14/18 - 7:57 pm

There’s something to be said about a fast follower. Just ask Instagram. Father’s Day is drawing near. The ads everywhere should have told you. Why are dads offended?  Embracing new technologies could mean the difference between riding the wave of disruption or drowning in its wake. Millennials are not feeling Snapchat’s redesign. How does Gen We understand creativity? And what can brands do?


Instagram is proof shameless copying pays off. The best way to beat your biggest competitor is to straight-up copy them. That may go against everything they teach you in business school, but that’s the lesson we can draw from the past two years Instagram has spent relentlessly copying Snapchat.

Fathers are tired of seeing doofus dads in advertising. With Father’s Day approaching, there’s currently an abundance of ads showing us what American fathers want most. It’s important that brands avoid becoming lazy with their portrayals of fathers, and instead remain socially relevant and realistic.

4 technologies to take your retail marketing efforts off the beaten path. Since convenience factors like shipping are weighing heavily in consumer purchasing decisions, bold investments in what’s known as digital transformation are becoming commonplace in retail, where remaining stagnant amidst disruption is almost certainly fatal.

Millennials and celebs to Snapchat: Your redesign sucks. Data suggests the app’s new layout has erased over two years’ worth of positive feelings among Millennials.

Meanwhile, back at the RANCH

Gen We and the redefinition of creativity. When you hear the word creativity, what do you think? Art, drama, music, creative writing, etc.? Gen We would like everyone to know that while these are creative vehicles, they are not the only ones.

THE Topic of conversation

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