Weekly Recap – July 8, 2016

Ellyn Davidson 07/07/16 - 6:21 pm

“Do you wanna build a…” brand story? It doesn’t have to be a different story. It just needs to be told on multiple screens, says Hollywood director. In fact, consumers love stories, especially when they are emotionally engaging. But, what about Snapchat stories? Or shall we say “Memories.” Now, users can save snaps and stories to the Snapchat server instead of their camera roll so they can revisit their favorite memories and stories along the way. And a new report shows that music streaming has exceeded video streams so far this year. Excuse us while we go listen to the soundtrack of Frozen one more time. 

DETAILS, please
What can Hollywood teach marketers about “storyworlds?” We now have a gazillion screens to tell our stories on. And each screen doesn’t have to tell a different story. Stories can be multi-screened and complexly told across a variety of technologies. 

Snapchat’s new Memories section lets people save and share snaps. Snapchat is an app built on sending fleeting photos, but now its latest tool is letting people hang on to them longer.

Music streaming doubles, exceeds video streams. Music streaming in the digital media world has taken a new direction. For the first time, audio streaming has topped video streaming, according to a new report.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH
Information. It’s everywhere. It’s on our phones, in our stores, in our doctor’s offices, online; it’s everywhere. And if you’re a consumer or recently diagnosed patient, it’s what you crave. See here.

Patients seeking patients find community, resources on Smart Patient. These are folks who have been in your hospital gown, tried that med, endured that treatment and lived to tell the story. Their knowledge is precious; their inspiration, priceless.

THE Topic of conversation
Authenticity. Discover which brands are getting real and how to market authenticity across genders, generations and ethnic groups. Download our free whitepaper “3 Rules to Creating an Authentic Brand.”

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