Weekly Recap – July 20, 2018

Ellyn Davidson 07/19/18 - 7:40 pm

Technology is changing and it’s changing fast. Podcasts are the latest trend. Learn how to create podcasts that will climb the charts and grab your listeners’ attention. Media is everywhere. It’s easy to sit inside all day, but mental health is on the decline, so hit the park. Online shopping is in, but does that mean that in-store shopping is out?


Three breakthroughs that will disrupt the tech world in 2019. We may have never before been in an era of such rapid technological change. Of course, much more is coming. Last fall, Gartner research predicted some of the big tech trends of 2018 and beyond, and it was quite a bounty: The continued rise of artificial intelligence and cloud-based computing, new developments in the internet of things, conversational platforms and other areas made the list.

How to get your podcasts on the iTunes top 20 in less than 6 months. If you’ve ever thought about starting a podcast, you’re not alone. There are currently at least 550,000 podcasts in existence, and the number is climbing. But while hundreds of thousands of people may start down this path, far fewer keep at it. According to research cited by Dorie Clark in her book Entrepreneurial You, only 40 percent of all podcasts have published an episode within the last six months.

Writing prescriptions to play outdoors. The idea of prescribing parks is “probably more common sense than rocket science,” Dr. Zarr said, but it is also based in the expanding scientific literature that shows that spending time outdoors is good for physical and mental health.

Meanwhile, back at the RANCH

How consumers really shop for clothing and shoes. Most brick-and-mortar clothing and footwear retailers appreciate the importance of having a solid online game—one that complements the in-store experience. They strive to create an omnichannel path for consumers to marry store visits with online interactions. Lose the friction. Nurture the process. Make it convenient.

THE Topic of conversation

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