Weekly Recap – July 15, 2016

Ellyn Davidson 07/14/16 - 8:54 pm

Is bigger really better? Brands are now opting to work with smaller, up-and-coming social media stars to better reach their target audience. And according to eMarketer, half of U.S. Internet users want to unplug while on vacation. Whether they actually do it is another thing. Because there may be a Pokémon hiding behind that palm tree.

DETAILS, please
Does size matter? “The bigger, the better” mentality has traditionally been indicative of a successful advertising or marketing campaign. However, many brands are now finding the smaller, the better. See how.

Half of U.S. Internet users want to unplug on vacation. But most do it anyway.

Has augmented reality gone mainstream? A lesson from Pokémon Go. In less than a week, the Pokémon Go mobile app has more than six million mentions on Twitter. And small businesses are taking note. See here.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH
When was the last time an advertisement gave you a new perception? Was it a billboard, commercial, print ad, or something nontraditional? Regardless of the medium, the ad made you think. We wrote about five ads that have been lingering around in our grey matter. Something else to think about…marathoning for life insurance. Check it out.

5 PSAs that are making us think. Which PSAs are provoking thought, engagement and action?  Here are five powerful PSAs that we can’t stop thinking about. 

Marathoning for an insurance discount. You’ve heard of marathoning for a cause? How about marathoning for life insurance. It’s a thing. Maybe you qualify for a discount.

THE Topic of conversation
Healthcare.  More specifically, how to market healthcare to every generation.  There’s one common denominator across each audience. Can you guess what it is? Download our free guide: How to market healthcare to all generations, to learn more.

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