Weekly Recap – January 6, 2017

Ellyn Davidson 01/05/17 - 7:07 pm

Shhh. What’s that? A muted ad? Pandora is slated to roll out muted video and responsive display ads this month and marketers aren’t the only ones excited. Users are too. In fact, three of four people surveyed prefer the new ad experience altogether. And it’s right on trend. HubSpot notes that by 2017, video will represent 74 percent of all internet traffic. It even makes Forbes’ top five social trends that will dominate this year. And if you want to take your video targeting to the next level, eMarketer has some tips.

DETAILS, please

Pandora’s muted video and responsive display ads are a big hit with marketers. According to Pandora, the ads—which will roll out beyond beta on Jan. 19—have shown promising results during early tests. 

42 visual content marketing statistics you should know in 2017. Here’s what’s new and next in for visual content marketing.

Taking video ad targeting beyond demographics. Demographic targeting (using consumers’ age and gender to make media decisions) continues to be used widely, but advertisers are raising questions about its effectiveness.

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