Weekly Recap – January 20, 2017

Ellyn Davidson 01/19/17 - 3:23 pm

Remember the saying “there’s no such thing as bad publicity?” Well, that might be a thing of the past for today’s brands. According to Adweek, prior to social media brands had more control over their image. Nowadays, there is so much more involved: influencer marketing, Pinterest and live streaming. What’s a brand to do? Let’s break it down.  

DETAILS, please

How much does a little bad buzz affect a brand’s perception? A lot, it turns out. Rankings show negative news can sour even the sweetest marketing plan.

5 things you don’t know about influencer marketing. As influencer marketing evolves from a buzzed-about effort to a proven technique, marketers need to take stock of what they know is effective.

What marketers can expect from Pinterest in 2017. President Tim Kendall talks video, measurement and size.

How are internet users watching live streaming? Facebook viewership grew slightly, while other platforms slipped.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

Anti-drunk driving messages cause marketers should know. What if consumers could actually experience the results of a drunk-driving crash firsthand?

THE Topic of conversation

Instagram. Learn how your business can use Instagram to build brand awareness and increase engagement. Download our free whitepaper “Why your business should be marketing on Instagram.


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