Weekly Recap – January 15, 2016

Ellyn Davidson 01/14/16 - 7:28 pm

weekly recap

Want to boost engagement with your digital audience this year? Try influencers. The authenticity they wield can make them powerful brand advocates. Audiences trust influencers, and they come with an enthusiastic and often considerable social presence. Speaking of social, are you engaging with your customers effectively on Twitter? Social Media Times has seven tips to tweet better, faster, stronger. Using imagery is among them. NewsCred has a few thoughts and tips on this trend so your brand can dominate in 2016.

DETAILS, please
Influencers are your most powerful brand advocates. Influencer marketing allows brands to connect with digital audiences in unprecedented ways. Consumers have developed deep connections with the bloggers and social media personalities they follow, and when marketers partner with these influencers, people see the brand through the eyes of someone they trust.

7 tips for using Twitter for better customer engagement. There are a number of ways that your brand can use Twitter, from becoming a thought leader to generating leads, but one of the most vibrant – and most unique – is developing meaningful relationships with your customers.

37 visual content marketing statistics you should know in 2016. This past year, we’ve seen videos, infographics and cinemagraphs that have become powerful tools for brands looking to communicate more effectively with their consumers. Why? Here are all the reasons why you should be incorporating visual content in your marketing.

5 visual marketing trends that will dominate 2016. 2015 was a rich year for visual marketing. But 2016 has the potential to be even more transformational. So what can we expect?

Meanwhile back at the RANCH
Their parents encouraged Millennials to speak up at the dinner table, so it’s not surprising Millennials have a lot to say about food, dining out and cooking. You don’t have to represent a food brand to get marketing value out of this blog. It’s loaded with Vitamin M. Millennials and food. It’s what’s for dinner on the Brogan blog.

What marketers need to know about Millennials and food. Dubbed the foodie generation, Millennials are redefining what it means to eat and entertain. From foodies to mobile shoppers, what does it mean to be a Millennial in the food industry?

THE topic of conversation
Everybody’s talking about Millennials. You can too. Download our free whitepaper “8 Rules to Marketing to Millennials.”

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