Weekly Recap – February 3, 2017

Ellyn Davidson 02/02/17 - 2:29 pm

Chips. Salsa. Social media. Ads. Yes, we’re talking about the Super Bowl. Not only is it the Big Game for the NFL but for brands and advertisers as well. It’s the one night of the year when consumers don’t want to skip commercials. According to Adweek, 52 percent of consumers believe the ads supplement the fun of the Big Game. Another major component: social. Adweek notes that 52 percent of consumers will be turning to Twitter for most Super Bowl content. Is your brand ready? 

DETAILS, please

How good and bad Super Bowl Ads affect consumers’ purchasing decisions. Finding out which Super Bowl LI advertiser becomes the brand to remember will be a big part of the fun surrounding the Big Game on Sunday.

A look at all the ways fans will use social media during the Super Bowl. For brands, the Super Bowl was once simply about counting the eyeballs that saw their ads. Now, it is so much more.

Super Bowl Advertisers hope to score touchdowns before the big game. When it comes to the Super Bowl, the big game’s commercial breaks now get nearly as much pre-game hype as the event itself.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

Why brands are discovering new ways to advertise to fitness consumers. Look good, feel good? Consumers today suggest that motivational message may no longer be effective.

8 things every blogger must know. If blogging isn’t part of your marketing plan, you might want to reconsider. Here’s why.

THE Topic of conversation

Social media marketing. Download our free whitepaper “The Evolution of Social Media Marketing: 9 trends to know now.


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