Weekly Recap – February 12, 2016

Ellyn Davidson 02/11/16 - 8:58 pm

weekly recap

This just in–Twitter’s new algorithm is here and it’s making waves. Notice anything new? (Hint: it’s the timeline) You need to opt-in to update. Notice anything else on social? Instagram now supports multiple accounts, making it easier for users to manage accounts. When not on social, many users are in app. And Social Media knows when. Want to boost web traffic? See aforementioned social media. Referral traffic is where it’s at.

DETAILS, please
Never miss important Tweets from people you follow. Twitter has launched a new timeline that will help you catch up on the best tweets from the people you follow.

Instagram officially adds support for multiple accounts. Will you take advantage of this new feature?

When are mobile app users most active? The answer might surprise you. Responsive marketing campaigns are key to retaining app users. But when is the best time to send messages prompting users back to the app?

The fundamentals of increasing web traffic from social media. Chances are you already have a web and social presence. But have you tried marrying the two? Here are three ways you can increase web traffic via your social marketing efforts.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH
We watched and rated, but only a few Super Bowl ads had us talking. Still, we can’t get enough of Millennials. This week we’re in their wallet and checking up on their health habits. We also checked in to telemedicine.

Moneyed Millennials mix traditional and alternative banking. GPRs aren’t the only alternative financial tools Millennials’ fancy. See what this cohort is up to when it comes to banking.

The new health care clinic that targets Millennials and connects. For years, brands have been competing to win the loyalty of Millennials. And while some industries, such as food and retail, have experienced major successes with this generation, the health care industry has struggled to get the attention of Millennials. Until now.

How to position telemedicine for market success. Whether you call it ehealth, Mhealth, telehealth or telemedicine, we’ve all been hearing a lot about virtual care platforms via voice, video, email and mobile in recent years.

THE topic of conversation
Social Marketing. Read about the best approaches to build awareness and really get people to change their behaviors. Download our free whitepaper “8 strategies to motivate behavior change: social marketing the Brogan way.”

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