Weekly Recap – December 18, 2015

Ellyn Davidson 12/17/15 - 9:48 pm

weekly recap

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. We’re making a list and checking it twice. We’re gonna find out which brands are haughty and nice. That’s right. 2015 listicles are coming to town. There’s also a lot of crystal balling about what to expect in the industry in 2016. eMarketer and Adage are in on the fun. How does life stage affect how Millennials use Facebook, you ask? Insert baby emoji here. Give us that Feel-Good content. Isn’t that right, Adweek.

DETAILS, please
Trends for 2016: Six predictions for what will happen. Many digital advancements will be made in 2016, from the rise of mobile messaging apps to mobile commerce finally gaining some mojo. Here are eMarketer’s predictions for what will happen next year.

Top ten emoji campaigns of 2015. Emojis emerged as a campaign trend in 2014 and, while some argue the use of smiley faces and pizza slices to express complex ideas has already jumped the shark, it became a relevant part of the current marketing lexicon in 2015. Thus, the trend warrants an end-of-the-year list featuring some of the best known and most innovative approaches to emoji marketing. Here’s what made the top ten.

Facebook IQ on Millennials and CPG (Infographic). How do Millennials’ travels through life-shifting moments affect their consumer packaged goods purchases? Facebook IQ shared an infographic depicting the results of a study Facebook commissioned from Nielsen on the impact of three life-changing moments: leaving the nest, starting first job and finding “the one.”

Infographic: Engaging content has everything to do with emotion. As content accounts for more of marketers’ budgets, finding direct paths to target audiences becomes increasingly important. AOL Insights analyzed over 7,300 moments when a person engaged with specific content and uncovered new findings that can help marketers better develop content.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH
Like eMarketer, we’ve done some crystal balling too. Instagram has had quite the year. Expect even more from this picture perfect platform in 2016.

Instagram: Predictions for 2016. A lot has happened on Instagram in 2015. From new updates and filters, to hashtags and the introduction of the advertising program, it was a year of advances. So, what’s next? Here are five things to expect from Instagram in 2016.

THE topic of conversation
Instagram. With an audience of 400 million, it’s no wonder brands are flocking to the medium. You’ll discover that every brand story can be shared in pictures. Are you ready to dive in? Read our free whitepaper “Why Your Business Should be Marketing on Instagram.”

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