Weekly Recap – December 16, 2016

Ellyn Davidson 12/15/16 - 3:47 pm

Remember Apple’s spot “Taylor vs. Treadmill?” Or Jeep’s “Portraits?” As 2016 is winding down, Adweek is counting down the top ten ads that debuted this year. Digiday is naming 2016 the year of the emoji. They were all over our social feeds this year but will they stick around in 2017? eMarketer is doing some crystal balling. Take a look.

DETAILS, please

The 10 Best Ads of 2016. Adweek’s picks for the 10 best ads of 2016 are an extremely varied collection, from comedy to drama and everything in between.

The year in emojis, in 5 charts. They’re all over our phone screens, messaging apps and social media. Here are five charts that summarize the current state of emojis in the U.S.

#SocialTrends2017: What to expect in the New Year. Some marketers will look to monetize live streaming video, while others will face some hurdles with influencer marketing.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

3 things retailers need to know about this year’s holiday shoppers. From discounts to shopping on mobile, this year’s holiday shopper is frugal, interested in deals and inspiration.

5 consumer trends every marketer should know in 2017. It is safe to say 2016 was rather a rough year. And because of this, consumers are shifting values in the coming year. Take a look.

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