Weekly Recap – December 11, 2015

Ellyn Davidson 12/10/15 - 8:47 pm

Targeting Millennials? Don’t over-generalize. Keep in mind this generation is 80 million people large. They are not all the same—like how they engage in social media, how they make purchasing decisions or how many apps they have on their smartphones? According to eMarketer, 49 percent of US smartphone users use six to 10 smartphone apps a week. But once downloaded, are they neglected like a small business Twitter account over the holidays?  

DETAILS, please

Taking Millennials at face value will derail your marketing efforts to reach them. Millennials are, of course, today’s “generalized” target for almost every brand. And on a macro level it’s easy to see why. But while it’s true that people in their 20s and early 30s have some commonalities, it’s a huge mistake to assume that Millennials are all the same, or that they want different things than their Boomer parents did at the same age.

How many apps do smartphone owners use? There’s almost always an app for that, whether “that” is a taxi service, food delivery or a video game. But with so many options, how many are getting any play?

How to create a holiday Twitter schedule. Rather than leave your Twitter-based Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other celebrations to the last minute, we’ve got some ideas for you to help you create a holiday Twitter schedule – so you can take some much deserved rest knowing that your tweets are all queued up.

Small businesses are turning to Instagram to easily advertise their products. For businesses wanting to get started with ads on Instagram, or increase campaign success, here are three best practices to follow.  

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

Loyalty. Brands buy it by the mugful and miles travelled. And consumers can’t get enough. We like our rewards with just about everything we buy, from a tall latte to a trip to the Bahamas. Which reward programs are preferred? We shopped around and found lots of added value in the aisles of restaurants and travel brands.  

Speaking of shopping, what wields a spending power of $43 billion and influences another $150 billion in purchases? Gen We is young, and influential. Kind of like that Facebook business page you’ve been neglecting. Might want to take a look. Facebook is pressuring brands to take customer service more seriously on social. There’s even a badge for it.

Customers crave reward programs—just ask Starbucks. 22,000 stores. 67 countries. 30 blends of premium coffee. It’s safe to say Starbucks is one of, if not the, most preferred coffee shop in the world. In fact, it’s estimated that Starbucks stores will serve more than 750 customers a day by 2020—up from the 500 a day they currently serve. What’s responsible for the jump, aside from their sip-able sophistication? Maybe it’s the My Starbucks Rewards program, rewarding shoppers with virtual stars every time they buy.

Go far and go often: The travel industry will reward you. These days, travelers carefully plan every detail to get the most adventure for their investment. They ask questions like: “Which airline should we fly?” “Which hotel should we stay at?” and “What kind of car should we rent?” Meanwhile, travel brands ask questions like: “How can we get customers to fly with our airlines?” The answer to all of these questions? Well, reward programs can certainly help.

5 things you need to know about Gen We. Everyone seems to be talking about Millennials, including us. But don’t be surprised if brands begin to shift their attention to this generation’s younger sibling: Gen We. Also known as Generation Z, iGen, Zeds or Post-Millennials, Gen We refers to people born between the mid-90s to 2010. But don’t underestimate their youth.

Facebook’s new features pressure businesses to improve customer service. Facebook is setting higher expectations for businesses that wish to play on social media. The company has announced new features that enable business pages to set average responsiveness time—or have Facebook automatically do it for them. 

THE topic of conversation

Instagram. With an audience of 400 million, it’s no wonder brands are flocking to the medium. You’ll discover that every brand story can be shared in pictures. Are you ready to dive in? Read our free whitepaper “Why Your Business Should be Marketing on Instagram.”


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