Weekly Recap – December 1, 2017

Ellyn Davidson 11/30/17 - 2:39 pm

We’re still full from Thanksgiving, but when we’re ready to start cooking again, you’ll find us shopping for these brands that are disrupting the grocery industry. Transparency, customization and authenticity. Cosmetic companies do a major shift in marketing to address consumers’ concerns. November is over, and brands are in an all-out holiday mode.


5 brands shaking up the grocery industry by changing what we eat and how we buy food. Shoppers continue to ask for social responsibility and convenience from brands. Halo Top, HelloFresh and Thrive Market are among those meeting consumers’ demands.

These cosmetic brands are letting consumers define what beauty means to them. The foundation of these brands? Inclusivity.

All the big holiday ads of 2017 (so far). It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Check out these ads from around the world that are putting us in the holiday spirit.

Meanwhile, back at the RANCH

Everything you need to know about Facebook Live. In August of 2015, Facebook announced an entirely new way for people to engage with their family, friends and fans. Facebook Live was instantly all about what was happening at an exact moment in time.

Practical Millennials postpone homeownership. Ask any 20-something-year old where they’re living, and now more than ever, they’ll likely tell you they’re renting an apartment.

Healthcare marketing to champion Michigan hospitals. Concerned about the state of affairs for healthcare reform? Our client, Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA), gets it — and has just the answer for you.

THE Topic of conversation

Authenticity. Discover which brands are getting real and how to market authenticity across genders, generations and ethnic groups. Download our free whitepaper “3 Rules to Creating an Authentic Brand.”


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