Weekly Recap – August 3, 2018

Ellyn Davidson 08/02/18 - 2:53 pm

Mini-Me says one billion dollars, and Apple says 1 trillion. Technology could save your life, doctors are 3-D printing organs to give a hand in the operating room. Nobody really knows the extent of the impact that technology has on kids, but we’re about to find out. 7 ways to utilize Instagram stories to get the most attention on your page. How giving back can build your business.


4 things retailers should learn from Apple as it nears $1 trillion market cap. Apple Inc. stock jumped to another record high Wednesday, bringing its market cap ever closer to the $1 trillion market cap that no other U.S. company has ever achieved. All this after the release of strong iPhone sales and better-than-expected fiscal Q3 results and outlook. In addition, CEO Tim Cook who is easing investor concerns about a potential impact on demand in Apple’s key growth market, said he’s “optimistic” that the U.S.-China trade war will “get sorted out.”

Hospital turns to 3-D printing technology. Replica organ models, however, like those printed by biomedical engineer Greg Gagnon in an office in Baystate’s intensive care unit, can get him as close to reality as possible without actually cutting a patient open. With support from the hospital’s administration, self-taught Gagnon is singlehandedly changing the way Baystate surgeons plan their work.

Tech’s impact on kids: Lawmakers push for research. The studies will explore a handful of mediums, from social media, apps and games to movies, mobile devices and virtual reality, and their effects on infant, child and teen cognitive and physical health. The research would also inform parents and policymakers about issues today’s youth face in the digital age, including bullying and depression, according to Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts who introduced the bill.

Meanwhile, back at the RANCH

7 Instagram story features you should be using. Instagram Stories was the platform enhancer we (and brands) never knew we needed. It has become a powerful way for brands to inspire and engage with users. Since launching in 2016, it has increased in popularity with nearly 400 million Instagram accounts using Instagram Stories every day.

Why cause marketing should be your top priority. Teenagers have a voice and they are not afraid to make it heard. 68% of teens believe corporations have a larger obligation to the good of society. More than 25% of teens have been to a rally or boycotted a company. Teens are watching, which is why your involvement and contribution to the greater good matters.


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