Weekly Recap – August 19, 2016

Ellyn Davidson 08/18/16 - 3:02 pm

Pinterest has finally launched promoted video pins. How Pinteresting? The social network ran alpha tests with 12 partners and found that promoted videos delivered “significant brand lift metrics.” But what kind of videos will have the most pull among consumers? According to crystal balls at Adweek, the future of video will be personalized. And who knows? It might not be blocked on Facebook anymore. Read here. 

DETAILS, please

Promoted video: video ads come to Pinterest. Promoted Video ads are video ads with the Pinterest touch, as they also contain featured pins, which are aimed at encouraging users to take action after watching the videos.

The future of video will not be televised, it will be personalized. A personalized video advertisement laser-focuses on a customer’s interests with far greater precision than traditional video advertising.

Why Facebook is blocking ad blockers. Facebook last week began rolling out an update to their site’s code to nullify ad blockers like Adblock Plus, stressing that ads are how the site makes its money.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

As a woman owned and operated business, we know a thing or two about empowering all women in the workplace (men too). Take a look.

Why your business should empower women in the workforce. Throughout the past two decades we have witnessed great advances for women in the workforce. But there’s still lots of room for improvement.

THE Topic of conversation

Women. Get research and tips on how women shop, and who they’ll trust with their money. Download our free whitepaper “How women buy, and what it means for your marketing plan.”


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