Weekly Recap – August 10, 2018

Ellyn Davidson 08/10/18 - 2:40 am

Step up your social media game with polls to get your audience involved. Then take a micro-break to test out a mobile game before you buy—without even leaving Facebook. And in case you ever wondered, this is your brain on ads.


How to use social polls to boost audience engagement and brand awareness. Getting your audience to engage with your social content can be tricky, with even well-written content and eye-catching videos sometimes falling flat. But words and images aren’t the only tools at your disposal—social media polls are one of the most overlooked options for boosting interaction, and increasing brand awareness through participation and shares.

Facebook’s new ‘Playable Ads’ let you try mobile game demos right in your newsfeed. Thursday, Facebook introduced a new ad solution with mobile game developers in mind. Dubbed “playable ads,” the feature lets video game marketers serve ads that give users the chance to try before buying.

This is your brain on ads: How media companies hijack your attention. After you read this sentence, pause for a moment to think back on advertisements you first heard when you were a child. Perhaps you recall a favorite jingle or the catchphrase of a cereal mascot. You probably can remember more than just one.

Meanwhile, back at the RANCH

What your healthcare journey map is missing. Your healthcare system is poised for marketing greatness—Press Ganey, HEDIS, CAHPS and Medicare 5 Star quality greatness. And yet it all could be undone by a couple pieces of paper delivered by a mailman.


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