Weekly Recap – April 6, 2018

Ellyn Davidson 04/05/18 - 2:05 pm

What do the Girl Scouts of the USA and North Face have in common? Both have teamed up for equal representation of women. Speaking of teams, are you team Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks? One of these brands has better social engagement. Another defining characteristic of a successful brand – mobile. And according to Gen Z, a filter isn’t just for Instagram.


The North Face aims to “Move Mountains.” More adventurous, brave, boundary-breaking women need to be featured in advertising and social media campaigns. Check out the ways the brand is taking its new campaign to heart.

What Dunkin’ Donuts can learn from Starbucks’ social strategy. Some coffee lovers adore Dunkin’ Donuts, others prefer Starbucks. On the social engagement side, however, a clear winner emerges.

2018 State of Digital Advertising. Adobe’s analysis of 183 billion website visits, 12 billion video views, 150 billion emails, and 1,000 consumers says that most marketers think their ads are relevant. Most consumers disagree.

Marketing to Gen Z: What everyone over the age of 30 ought to know. If you want to reach Gen Z, you’re going to have to rethink some of your marketing strategies.

Meanwhile, back at the RANCH

First ad agency to test “AdBot” automated marketing tool, will scale back to a 2-day work week. Brogan has been chosen as the first U.S. test agency for AdBot, an automated marketing service that utilizes artificial intelligence to essentially clone a creative team.

Cryptocurrency: what marketers should know. Bitcoin. Ethereum. Ripple. No, these aren’t random words, they’re cryptocurrencies. And here are six brands that are already engaging with them.

THE Topic of conversation

Instagram. Learn how your business can use Instagram to build brand awareness and increase engagement. Download our free whitepaper “Why your business should be marketing on Instagram.


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