The Block is Hot

Kahla Anderson 07/08/19 - 10:21 am

Oddly enough, the inspiration behind this blog came from a personal place. After contemplating for hours and days at a time, I figured what better way to get over my writer’s block than by writing about it. As a person who works in the marketing/advertising industry, you are always paid to be thinking, creating, and producing. But sometimes you hit a roadblock, and the detour to your creative freedom is farther away than you think. Or you could be the opposite, you could have a million different thoughts running in your head, and none seem to stick.

If this also happens to you, continue reading to check out a few ways to help rid yourself of the writer’s or creative block you may have.

  1. Change Your Environment. This is a tip that may seem cliché. But your environment truly makes a difference in many aspects, not only for creativity. Whether it is changing coffee shops, an area in your workplace, exploring somewhere you’ve never been or simply going outside, changing what you physically see can change what you see mentally. It can also stimulate your mind with new thoughts.
  2. Let’s Get LOUD. Sometimes, all you need to do is think out loud. Ideas can also spark by talking to colleagues, friends, or family members about an idea you have. Bouncing ideas off another person can provide a new perspective that you would have never thought of yourself.
  3. Dump It! You may have a million tabs open in your mind of topics you are interested in writing about; however, none of the ideas seem to stick. If this is you, create a list of all of the potential topics. From there, start to do some research and see what topic has the most buzz around it, or simply the most information. Sometimes we shy away because we don’t know enough.
  4. Change Your Source. Try changing how you get inspired to create or write. There are so many ways to spread your horizon. Try walking through a museum in your city, reading the book you’ve been avoiding or watching a new movie or series you’ve been eyeing on Netflix.

Ultimately, the goal is to get out of your own way. As humans and creatives, we tend to stay in our comfort zone and can hinder the growth in our work. The next time you hit a writing or creative block, try the tips above and see if your mental jam can lead to a clearer road.

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