Gen We and the redefinition of creativity.

Emily Marchak 06/11/18 - 3:19 pm

Gen We and the redefinition of creativity.

When you hear the word creativity, what do you think? Art, drama, music, creative writing, etc.? Gen We would like everyone to know that while these are creative vehicles, they are not the only ones.

At the May 2018 Iconosphere conference, one of the speakers addressed the audience, asking them to think about the possibilities one has with an egg. You can do so much with an egg – you can scramble an egg, hard boil an egg, make a spinach frittata, throw the egg, make an egg hair mask, paint the egg and so on. The possibilities are limitless. And that is what Gen We is experiencing.

Why? Let’s look at the generational values at play. Compared to Millennials, values such as learning, discovery and enjoyment all moved up in ranking by double digits. In addition, compared to older generations, Gen We ranks the values ambition (up +48), fun (up +22), beauty (up +38) and purpose (up +34).

Let's look at the generational values at play

How does Gen We understand creativity?

  1. Everything’s creative. Traditionally, it is understood that drama, music, art, etc. is creative. However, this has extended into playing video games, board games, beauty/makeup, reading, baking. And goes even further to include social media, sports, relationships and more.
  2. Anything’s a canvas. It’s not just actual canvases being a canvas for creativity, but Instagram, posters at marches and rallies, how you ask someone to prom, heck even your prom dress (did you see aspiring designer Shami Oshun’s prom dress?). Bottom line, anything is a canvas.
  3. It is all about the process. So, show what’s behind the curtain. One Gen We noted, “Even if the final product doesn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, I still really enjoy the actual process.” The creative process is different for everyone. There are ups and downs, collaborations and solo work. Sometimes, the final product changes drastically along the way. Gen We want to emphasize everything that is creative – even the process it takes.

What can brands do?

  • Believe and acknowledge everything is creative.
  • Blend digital and real-life examples.
  • Show the creative process. The good and the bad.

Brands getting it right?

Adidas – Calling all Creators

Dropbox – The world needs your creative energy

Microsoft – Artificial Intelligence ft. Common

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