Pepsi brand marketing of the moment.

Brogan & Partners 06/01/12 - 7:02 pm

Advertising needs to be spontaneous and revolutionary to keep up with the ever changing, fast-paced, modern world. But recently, Pepsi has decided to not only embrace this concept, but take it to a new level with its ambitious ad campaign.

After sliding into the #3 soda slot behind Diet Coke, Pepsi decided it was time for a change. Brad Jakeman, president-global enjoyment and chief creative officer at PepsiCo, believes that the company’s weakness lies in its inability to secure a consistent identity. “Our least-impactful marketing,” he says, “has been when we’ve tried to reinvent this brand. This brand does not need to be reinvented. It needs to be reignited.”

And reignite it they will. Pepsi recently launched the new campaign, “Live for Now,” which supports the idea of Pepsi as timely, as opposed to Coke which is known as timeless.

Living in the moment works well for social media campaigns, so it makes sense that Pepsi is leaning heavily on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Pepsi Pulse, the brand’s new website, is a “social flow” site that relies on current news, celebrity tweets and related Pepsi hashtags to populate the webpage. The brand has also featured impromptu giveaways on its Facebook page, and its new “pop up concerts,” sponsored through Twitter, will allow users to stream concerts from major artists.  Talk about living in the now.

With popstar Nikki Manaj as spokeswoman and her hit song Moment 4 Life as the new anthem, I think Pepsi is a brand to watch. This campaign speaks volumes to its target audience, young free spirits. But will it last? After all, living in the now all the time won’t be easy. What do you think? Will Pepsi score with spontaneity or will it continue to fall behind?

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  1. Living outside US, this is

    Living outside US, this is the first I’ve seen Pepsi’s new ad campaign. The first scene grossed me out a bit, but the rest of the scenes really talks the ‘Live for Now’ campaign. And it’s jam-packed with stars too!

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