Let’s make “like a girl” a good thing.

Kaitlynn Crane 06/27/14 - 5:12 pm

When I was younger, I was on a T-Ball team. I couldn’t run the fastest, hit the hardest, or throw the farthest, which, to the boys on my team only meant one thing. I played like a girl.

At a young age, you don’t always realize that playing “like a girl” is a bad thing… until you hear it enough. Suddenly, every time I couldn’t hit the ball into the outfield or throw the ball from right field to first base, I was reminded what a “girl” I was, and I ultimately realized it was an insult.

Yesterday, Always released a video empowering those who have been told they do something like a girl—turning the phrase into something positive, something to be proud of.

As an advertising agency that specializes in marketing to women, we support the message Always is trying to convey, and we admire their efforts. Here’s hoping that with enough people on board, we can rewrite the rules—making it universally known that “like a girl” is something great.

What are you proud to do like a girl?

1 thought on “Let’s make “like a girl” a good thing.”

  1. I love this video! Everyone
    I love this video! Everyone with a daughter or who has a young woman in their lives should see this–then show it to the girl.

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