It’s Time to BeReal – A Two-Minute Rundown of the Social Platform

Abigail McGrath 08/31/22 - 2:16 pm

It's Time to BeReal - A Two-Minute Rundown of the Social Platform

Another social media platform? We know what you’re thinking. But BeReal takes a new stance on social… stripping down the ads, promotions, filters and brand deals so users can be the most authentic versions of themselves.

BeReal was released in 2020 but gained popularity just this year. Curious how it works and where it’s headed? We’re getting real about the app and breaking it down for you.

How it works

Once per day, BeReal users receive a notification that it’s time to post. From the time the notification hits, users have two minutes to snap and post an image. The app uses both the front and back cameras for this photo for added authenticity.

Don’t like the photo? You can re-take it, but your friends with 10 or more followers will be able to see the number of attempts you took. Running late to post? Friends will also be able to see how late you are. After the photo’s live, you can interact with friends’ photos on the app with comments or a custom RealMoji of your face denoting thumbs-up, happy, shocked, neutral, sad or laughing expressions.

Why users love it…

BeReal is in many ways an anti-social social platform. It discourages copious amounts of time on the app and encourages users to get back to living, not scrolling. Users also love the single-shot photo requirement and time limit. Between adding filters to Instagram photos and splicing together takes for TikTok, the amount of time to edit and finally post on these apps continues to rise. BeReal cuts that down and takes the pressure off perfection. It’s two minutes and one shot. Then back to the real world.

…and why they don’t

Unlike other popular social apps that draw users throughout the day and night, BeReal users typically open the app all at once… when it’s time to post. Users have reported glitches, slow loading speeds, and delayed or missing notifications from this influx of users at the same time.

While BeReal is sure to smooth the errors with updates, it’s best to do so quickly. Social media moves fast, and persistent issues could turn people away (or to the next hot platform) for good.

Where are the ads?

In line with their mission to remove filters, influencer culture and an overload of content, BeReal does not currently offer advertising. That being said, brands can still find ways to get involved on the app and thrive. But, they should do so very carefully and authentically.

Brands should think about the motivation for being on the platform before signing on. If you’re looking to solely grab views, it may not be the right match right now. But, if you can offer authentic stories or behind-the-scenes content, it may be a fit. For example, a clothing brand that does hand embroidery in-house could use the app to share the process, leaving heavier brand pushes and promotions for other platforms. Chipotle is among the first big brands to enter the BeReal space, and we’re excited to see where it goes from here.

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