Innovative healthcare marketing example #7.

Julia Mastropaolo 01/11/12 - 12:00 pm

Academic Medical Center advertising can be boring. All trying to push the research and education angles, with lots of high tech blah blah and no break-through messaging. Not so at the Medical University of South Carolina. Their “Changing What’s Possible” TV campaign is a refreshing gripper. Patient stories unfold in a unique way with beautiful, touching footage.

Each spot is narrated by a different doctor but the great thing is you don’t know it’s a doctor until the very end, when the doc says “I came to MUSC to change what’s possible in cancer care” or whatever the clinical area is. The patient story is the star and we are convinced and humbled by the fact that this doctor came to this hospital to offer patients treatments that don’t exist anywhere else.

The epilepsy spot is my favorite. Maybe because I have a nephew with this disorder which is preventing him from taking drivers ed like all the other kids in his class. The spot focuses on Independence Day, juxtapositioning a hometown parade with an older male patient opening his door to celebrate independence from the fear of epilepsy. All due to the revolutionary surgical procedure developed at MUSC which has helped thousands of epilepsy patients.

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  1. Thank you for commenting
    Thank you for commenting Scott! I really thought so too! I would love to know what the budget was because it’s so beautifully produced.

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