How to build consumer trust as confidence in brands declines.

Delaney Darling 06/14/22 - 10:58 am

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Every brand represents the reputation of the product, service and company it promotes. It is critical that when a consumer thinks about your brand, they know it’s one that can be trusted. When brands overpromise and underdeliver, mismanage their social presence or even use bots to talk interact instead of actually interacting, customers may feel the inauthenticity and pull away. In the height of consumer doubt, it’s important to build brand trust and admiration. Read on for six steps to become a more reliable brand.

  1. Be genuine. A connection between your company and consumers is crucial. Transparency and approachability are some of the most desired traits for brands. Although your company’s voice should maintain authority and professionalism, it is important to still sound human. And make sure to deliver on what your company promised, this is one of the most important things in today’s market.
  2. Interact on social media. A great approach to promote a product is through social media. Take time to understand your audience and the ways they like to interact with platforms. Avoid overly aggressive tactics, like asking for too much information or adding unnecessary pop-up ads, as they can drive consumers away.
  3. Build engagement through positive experiences. People tend to be brand loyal, so focusing on customer interactions and meeting customers where they are is important. The guerrilla campaign done by Rethink Communications, Vancouver was a great example of engagement. To demonstrate problems with plastic waste, the company placed a giant six-pack plastic ring over popular statues around the city. This pulled in a lot of attention, focused people on the issue and encouraged positive engagement around the cause. Consumers appreciate efforts to draw them in, especially when paired with good experiences, which will lead to a repeat customer.
  4. Promote word of mouth marketing. While this type of advertising has changed with the introduction of social media, it continues to be one of the top ways to promote your brand. Whether its friends discussing a product or someone tagging you on a platform, word of mouth advertising is invaluable.
  5. Listen to feedback. Real world proof is essential to building trust. Positive feedback can draw in new customers, and your response to negative feedback can, too. Respond to unfavorable comments respectfully with a goal of fixing the situation and improving for the future. Avoid deleting all negative comments on social channels. Instead, work to create respectful dialogue and solutions that show your positive customer service tactics.
  6. Provide great customer service. If there is a negative experience with your company, take time to make it right. Doing this will prove you care and are dependable, therefore changing the view of your brand. A previously unhappy customer may now want to return due to the care you presented. It can also create a sense of protection for future customers that there will be satisfaction with your brand no matter what.

While consumer distrust is becoming very common, following these tips can set your brand apart. Creating a positive atmosphere around your company can be extremely beneficial and lead to years of trust between your brand and its loyal, and new, following.

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