How autonomous vehicles are driving the future of advertising.

Abigail McGrath 08/15/18 - 7:22 pm

Autonomous Vehicles

The year is 2021. Autonomous vehicles now dominate the roads. Gone are the days of keeping your eyes on the pavement, the cars in front of you, the billboards on your route to work. We live in the future. And self-driving cars make it possible for you to disconnect from reality while you’re on the move.

While most of us are still stuck in daydreams about this exciting and imminent future, marketers’ thoughts are stuck elsewhere. They’re wondering how the rise of self-driving cars will impact their content. And more importantly, when, where and how consumers absorb it.

Although we’re still years away from autonomous dominance, it’s important for marketers to think, dream and plan ahead.

Poise yourself for the future and take note of the changes autonomous vehicles could rev up:

  • The car as a mobile living room. Instead of being stressed sitting in traffic, consumers are sure to be more relaxed while they’re on the move. The car will become more like a second living room, a space to kick back.
  • Added time for activity. The average person spends about 17,600 minutes driving each year. When they don’t have to focus on the road, that means 17,600 minutes for consumers to turn their attention elsewhere.
  • All about entertainment. Consumers will not only have their phones and computers on hand, but could also have access to electronics like touchscreens, speakers, projections or even interactive windshield holograms.
  • Data data data. Autonomous vehicles will possess staggering amounts of data: current and past destinations, speed of travel, demographics, weather and traffic conditions, nearby landmarks, commercial locations and more–which marketers could access and tailor their messaging around.
  • Customized, immersive experience. With increased data comes an improved consumer experience. Imagine being served an ad for a restaurant or experience based on your likes and history. Then, imagine your vehicle is programmed to take you there when you interact with the ad or opt-in.
  • Ad overstimulation could be a challenge. With too much advertising stimuli, consumers could become numb. Marketers will have to create brief, engaging content that genuinely interests users.

As the conversation about self-driving cars shifts from “if” to “when,” it’s important to set your brand up for success in this new era.

If the next great media channel is the self-driving car, will your brand be ready to kick it into gear?

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