Healthcare Checkup – September 2018

Julia Mastropaolo 09/26/18 - 9:50 am

Are you charged with marketing cosmetic surgery or telehealth? Looking for an inspirational patient experience video to wow any patient caregiver? Or one for National Rehabilitation Awareness Week that will melt your heart? Check up on this and why Alexa has been invited into people’s homes in this month’s Healthcare Checkup.


Cosmetic Surgery Advertising: The changing face of medical marketing. You turn on your car radio, and an announcer is shouting that you can “Buy one, get one free!” And he’s not talking about sandals or smartphones. He’s talking about cosmetic surgery procedures — facelifts, tummy tucks, and breast augmentation.

An inspirational video to transform patient experience. Our lives are like empty hospital rooms? Watch this remarkable video by someone who was sick most of her life to see why you should empower, rather than pity, patients.


What people ask smart speakers most. Thermostat control? Weather forecasts? Music? Shopping? News? Find out the most popular of Alexa’s 45,000 skills.

A tale of two industries – When fashion and technology converge. Learn how New Balance turned the bustling New York streets into a runway and passersby into its models, as AI technology scanned outfits, found trends and most importantly “exceptions”, which were celebrated on a big screen.


Push to reduce ED visits leads patients to urgent care, retail clinics – not telehealth. Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers unveil a study showing that while ED visits for low-acuity conditions has decreased, people are not replacing the ER with telehealth.

Covenant HealthCare Turns to an Almost-Forgotten TV Format to Introduce a New Kind of Health Care Delivery System. If you’re challenged with marketing telemedicine, check out the award-winning  VirtualCare TV spot and campaign rationale for our client, Covenant HealthCare.

Video: Celebrating ability with dancers using wheelchairs and prosthetics. How to celebrate National Rehabilitation Awareness Week in style? Watch this uplifting video created by Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Michigan to find out.


Looking to market to all generations but don’t have the budget? Not a problem. There’s one common denominator across each audience. Can you guess what it is? Download our free guide, How to market healthcare to all generations, to learn more.

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