Healthcare Checkup – October 2018

Julia Mastropaolo 10/30/18 - 4:01 pm

Unable to make it to SHSMD this year? No worries with our top takeaways. From socially responsible flu shots to socially acceptable breastfeeding pods to all “natural”(?) LaCroix, and more, read our Healthcare Checkup to stay in the know.

Vitamin B & P

9 key takeaways from SHSMD Connections Conference 2018. Learn why you should do more of what makes you happy, love math like you love creative, googlize your website, and more from these key SHSMD conference takeaways.

Flu season ahead: Why it’s socially responsible to get your flu shot. Fall is in the air, and unfortunately, so is the flu. While it’s beneficial for your personal wellbeing to get your flu shot this year, it’s also become somewhat of a social responsibility to do so.

Marketing Supplements

6 SEO best practices every blog should have. Google. It serves our every search. Indulges our every inquiry. And even follows us where we go (on the internet, of course). Get the quick tips on 6 SEO best practices.

5 ways marketers can stand out on Instagram. So you have a brand Instagram account… but is your creative engaging and are you utilizing all the platform features? Here are five ways your brand can stand out on Instagram.

Industry Pulse

10 things you need to know for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. HemOnc Today has compiled a list of 10 updates on topics impacting people with breast cancer, including breast reconstruction, financial toxicity and treatment.

Breastfeeding pods now trending at sports stadiums. And in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, learn about this new lactation station trend popping up in sports spaces for breastfeeding fans.

Amid lawsuit, LaCroix defends its ‘natural’ labeling. Whether legal allegations that the beloved sparkling water is tainted with insecticides and other harmful substances, the brand image of LaCroix has been forever tainted with the harmful rhetoric.

Monthly Dose

Looking to market to all generations but don’t have the budget? Not a problem. There’s one common denominator across each audience. Can you guess what it is? Download our free guide, How to market healthcare to all generations,

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