Healthcare Checkup – May 2016

Julia Mastropaolo 05/03/16 - 1:38 pm

Are Millennials getting enough sleep? What about exercise? We know that 50 percent of Millennials look up health related information online, while 27 percent use wearables to track their activity. But what else is this cohort doing when it comes to their health and wellness? And while healthcare marketing trends come and go, there are three that seem to be sticking around. Can you name one? Let’s take a look.


Everything marketers need to know about Millennials’ health and wellness. We already know this audience is mindful when it comes to their health. But how exactly do they keep a healthy work/life balance?

3 healthcare marketing trends on the rise (again). Move over doctor, you’re not the only one patients are listening to when it comes to their health. Read here.


Did you use an emoji (or emoticon) today? How about take a picture? Watch TV? See an advertisement? Look at a book, magazine, chart or symbol? Of course you did. Visuals heavily influence the way we communicate. But why? Let’s break it down.

Communicating with visuals: A branded conversation. Emoji keyboard. Tweet to order. Click to view. Here are six ways brands are communicating with visuals.

Communicating with visuals: The social media edition. Stickers. Geofilters. Custom emojis. Here are seven ways your brand can communicate with visuals across each social channel.


New in healthcare this month: Cleveland Clinic providers will be available for on-demand visits at CVS MinuteClinics. But are they prepared to communicate with both the patient and the consumer? Healthcare organizations are looking to reduce patient readmission, increase accuracy of patient diagnosis and deliver more targeted care. Here are this month’s top trends.

Cleveland Clinic providers on-demand for telehealth visits in CVS MinuteClinics. “Telehealth further expands on our high-quality and convenient service to our customers,” Dr. Andrew Sussman, executive vice president and associate chief medical officer of CVS Health and president of MinuteClinic, said in a statement.

Communicating with the “consumer” vs. the “patient” in healthcare. The healthcare industry is putting more focus on the consumer as they become 1) a direct purchaser and as well as 2) an individual who is accountable for healthcare costs and use. What does this mean for the patient?


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