Healthcare Checkup – June 2018

Julia Mastropaolo 06/29/18 - 2:48 pm

Featuring a nurse in your new ad campaign may just break through. As would sponsoring a wellness festival. Baking and board games resonate creatively with Gen We. And from Gen We to Matures, people are dropping mobile e-shopping. Check up on this and more.


Nurses: vital in the hospital, invisible in the media. Gallop polls indicate nurses are the most trusted profession. So why are they so under-represented in the media?

Wellness festivals: It’s what health junkies rave. Multi-day yoga, hiking, massages, and other well-being experiences beat out music festivals for the growing number of health junkies.


Gen We and the redefinition of creativity. When you hear the word, ‘creativity’, what do you think? Art, drama, music, creative writing? Gen We says there’s much more.

Everything’s mobile, so why are more shoppers using computers? Mobile e-purchasing dropped from 43% to 36% over the past 2 years and not just among Boomers and Matures. Learn why keeping cross-screen in the forefront is key to the consumer experience.


Answers to 3 frequently asked telehealth questions. Get ready-to-use Advisory Board slides on the latest telehealth trends for 2018.


For more inspiration, read our Key takeaways from the Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit.

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